A little bit about me

I’m a freelance colorist whose latest project was colorist for the Eisner Award nominated, Meteor Men by Jeff Parker and Sandy Jarrell from Oni Press. He has worked on several independent titles such as Big Dog Inc’s Rex Zombie Killer, Zenoscope’s 2013 Halloween issue, and Ape Entertainment’s Athena Voltaire. He has worked as part of the HI-FI Color team on numerous DC titles such as Action Comics, JSA, Nightwing, Booster Gold, Teen Titans, and Firestorm. He is also the writer and colorist for his own successfully funded Kickstarter webcomic Max & Thorne, on which he collaborates with his son Max and artist DaFu Yu.

He is a powerhouse of palettes!

Jeff Parker: Aquaman, Batman 66', Meteor Men

I Love What I Do

I love art. I love comics. I’ve always been a photographer. I got my first camera at 16 and never put it down. I was never a traveler until I met the love of my life and was introduced to the wonders of the world and was able to photograph them. Thank goodness for digital cameras. I believe that in Italy alone I filled two 32 gig SD cards.

Comics have alway been in my life. I’ve been collecting since I was 10 and continue to this day. I love to read them, to study them. I started coloring comics about 15 years and love working with artists to create awesome comics that tell a story not only in written words but also with the art.

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